Sunday, May 10, 2015

Week Six-Pitch Day Anticipation

Some things that must be done prior to pitch day are that we need to edit some of our swimming and diving videos so that we can cut off the parts that don't need to be shown to the people coming to pitch day. Emma and I also need to discuss what we are officially going to bring for Pitch Day such as a pair of goggles or a water polo ball. I have had some difficulties during this project such as combining  me and Emma's ideas into a couple of ideas that will work. I've realized that throughout this project I've grown in many ways, such as academically, professionally, and personally because I've done things I didn't think I'd ever have to do, I've come up with great ideas, and I know what my passion project is doing is going to help the community. I'm not nervous for pitch day this upcoming week I am actually very excited because I want to see what people think of our idea and hope Emma and I get feedback to improve our project. 
Photo taken underwater that will be shown in our project. It shows what not to do which is swim under the
bulkhead. We plan on editing the picture to make that more clear which is something we need to do. 

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Week Five-All About Pitch Day

Me and my partner Emma would like to present our ideas to the community during pitch day with a video slideshow of the things we do in the pool such as water polo, swimming, and diving. We will talk about our idea while the video is playing. For my two minute overview I will include some information about my topic which will include the following:

    "Hi, I'm Nick Cappella and the project I've been working on with my partner Emma, displays our love and passion of water. What we have been doing the past 5 weeks is making a "book creator" and an "iMovie" about the rules of the Central York pool facility and what is offered here and the basics of diving with the the help of the aquatics director. What we tried to do in our project is incorporate our love of water, but at the same time try to help the community. What we will do to help the community is hopefully be able to post our book creator on the district website to inform the community of what is offered at our pool, rules of the pool, and the dos and don'ts. We are also making an iMovie of how to do basic dives off the diving board and how to perform them safely which will incorporate my love for diving and our love for the pool. Thank you for your time, and have a nice day!"

Emma and I also created an iMovie trailer which shows our diverse personalities and passions. Here is the link:
This photo displays my passion which is diving. In this
photo I am doing a forward double somersault 

Inquiry Question
Who can me and Emma contact to get our videos on the school website?

Friday, April 24, 2015

Week Four-Contacting a Professional

This week me and my partner, Emma, contacted the aquatics director over email about setting up a meeting to discuss what we can do to advance in the next step of our genius hour project. We explained what the project was about, and what our idea was about. We want to make a book creator and a video about pool safety, that also focuses on the rules of the pool and the diving board, which can also teach people how to do basic dives. We want to get this idea on the district website to educate the community, and hopefully the aquatics director will understand this in our face to face meeting that we arranged from our email. This process will help us grow because after our meeting we will hopefully be able to film our video and create our book in the pool, and have use of the diving board. Some new insight I have on my idea and process is that when working with partners, you need to combine your ideas and work well together to have a smooth process.

Questions Along the Way:
•Should we attempt to put our video on other websites to educate people other than people in our school district?

This photo shows us in the process of emailing the aquatics director, so we can meet face to face in the future.

Week Three-Findings Through Research

After a week of research, I've learned a lot and found the answers to a lot of my previous questions. I think the dives I should teach the community in my iMovie should be very simple, safe dives, that anybody can learn just from watching the video, and not needing any help in person. Something else I learned was the pool rules of the natatorium. I think some important rules I should enforce in my videos for the public is only one person on the diving board at time. They should also know not to jump or dive until the person before them has swam away and cleared the area. You should also not be doing backflips without permission from the lifeguard. Another question I had was, "What colleges have good diving teams?" I found out that the University of Texas, California, and Georgia are three of the best colleges for men diving. My final question was, "What do I need to do to become a diving coach?" I found out to become USA Diving certified you need to register and take a backroad check, take a safety and risk management exam, complete a pool skills session to demonstrate you know how to dive, get CPR/AED/Lifeguard certified, and finally get safe sport certified. This process doesn't take long, but most coaches dove in high school or college which is how they get hired. The salary of high school diving coaches is an average of $28,340, with professional coaches earning an average of $60,160. College coaches made an average of  $39,550.

I think my passion for diving is changing because I've seen the other side of it, and the requirements for coaching. I don't think a diving coach is a job I'd want to do full time but maybe part time, after seeing the average salary. An important lesson I've learned is to have a respect for people that do a lot of work for you, even if it doesn't seem like they do a lot, because I didn't know my diving coach had to do all of those requirements just to become our coach, and to pursue his passion of diving. I have grown as a learned by getting my questions answered and getting a new respect for my coach and fellow divers. 

New Questions: 

1. Can I coach platform diving even if I've never dove off it myself?
         This photo shows me in the process of researching how to become a USA certified diving coach

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Week Two-Pursuing a Passion for Change

A goal I have for using my passion of diving to change my school, community, or the greater society would be to teach people that have never stepped foot on a diving board how to dive, not only safely but really well. It can be really fun and a good learning experience for someone that doesn't play another sport. My passion of diving can help others because it can keep them involved in something, help them meet new people, and teach them skills they've never learned before. it can use up time after school that you usually aren't doing anything. My end goal for the 20 time project would be to make an instructional video about safety of the diving board and basic to moderate dives to go on the website. My ideal outcome would be to educate people in our school district/community about the safety of our pool diving board and maybe to teach them dives they could try in the summer. 

Inquiry Questions for Further Research 

-What dives should I teach the community?

-What rules should I include in my video to get across to the community?

-What colleges are there that have really great diving teams?

-What do I need to do in my future to become a diving coach?

-What is the salary of a diving coach?

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Passionate About Diving

        I began diving in 2013 at a club in Dover, Pennsylvania. I learned the basics of diving and only went 2-3 times a week in the summer to prepare for the actual diving season that was going to happen in the following winter of 2014. I wanted to know the basics of diving so I would have something under my belt before I went to practice, like my hurdle and maybe some simple dives and flips. I just completed my first diving season and made it to counties. I learned 16 dives with the hardest dive having a degree of difficulty of 2.4. After learning so much in that season, it makes it seem like that club barely taught me anything! It was a really successful season and not only do I see districts in my near future, especially since I missed it by 4 points this year, but I see states as one of my goals too, and maybe to teach others my passion!